Five Fun Facts You Need To Know Before Watching HBO’s Westworld TV Series

Westworld Fun Facts

The recently debuted HBO TV Series, Westworld, is finally here and all of us are excited to tune in to the latest TV series craze. But before you do that, it would be wise for you to first learn the language of this new TV series.

Maybe you have plenty of questions about it—what’s it all about? What do you need to know about it? What can you expect from it? Well, you do not have to wait for the information that you need any further because we will be giving you the lowdown about this much-awaited show. In fact, here are seven of the fun facts that you should know before watching it:

1.) The first episodes are packed with mystery

One thing that you should know about Westworld is that you will not be able to get the plot right away. In fact, things will be quite mysterious for the first two episodes while you are still trying to figure the entire story out. You will certainly be confused and dumbfounded about all the happenings in the first two episodes but try to stick with it because you will finally get to understand the details during the third episode.

2.) The series takes place in an amusement park

If you do not know what Westworld is all about, it is about a fictional theme park called Westworld. The amusement park was actually inspired by the Disneyland Attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean. This technologically advanced park has a Western theme. The twist is that it is populated mainly by synthetic androids called as Hosts. These robots cater to the need of high-paying visitors, known as Newcomers, who can do everything they want to do inside the park.

3.) The budget per episode is about 8 to 10 million dollars

It has been noted that the pilot episode (which ran for 90 minutes only) alone cost up to $25 million dollars. In addition to the animation and special effects, HBO also shelled out huge amounts of dollars for the licensing fee to Warner Bros.

4.) There’s no book to catch up on

If you are already panicking that you haven’t read the book yet and here comes the series already, stop. Why? Because there is actually no book that you need to catch up on! Unlike the popular Game of Thrones, the Westworld TV series is not based on a novel. Instead, it is loosely patterned on the 1873 directorial movie of Michael Crichton.

5.) Westworld will run for five seasons (at the very least)

As early as now, we can tell that this TV series is here to stay.. for five seasons at the very least. The reason why the production of the series was stopped for a while is because the writers have been asked to map out a roadmap for the show for the next five years. Now, that is one good sign!

Whether you are looking for another HBO TV series to entertain you while waiting for the next Game of Thrones series or you want to find a TV series that will stimulate your mind and will bring a unique and interesting story to you, there is no denying the fact that the latest HBO TV series, Westworld, is something that you should watch out for!

Haven’t seen  the show? Here’s the Trailer:

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