The 5 Best Golf Gadgets for The Daily Golfer 2017

Golf Gadgets

Whether you are a daily golfer or just picking up the sport, embracing the latest golf technologies can certainly add to your enjoyment of the game. Check out these 5 new products that may have you taking a new approach to your next tee time.

1. Timerless Night Eagle Golf Ball

Timerless Night Eagle Golf Ball

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Night golf may be the new kid on the block but improved technology for night golf balls is quickly reaching the market.  Day or night, you want to get the best performance from your ball without spending a fortune on something you may lose.  At night choosing the right ball becomes more important as the likelihood of losing your ball is higher.

Glow balls started as a ball with a glow stick built into the center but their visibility was only mediocre.  LED light balls were next to market which provided a strong light but the caveat there is that the LED balls only illuminate when hit and turn off automatically after 10 minutes.  Being on a time limit can cramp your style and you’ll want a ball that will allow you the same leisurely pace of play as if you were playing in the daylight as well as a little grace period for searching the rough if you suffer from the occasional left slice.

The Night Eagle has managed to successfully combine the best of both these technologies to create a glow-in-the-dark ball with LED lights inside.  The ball has a sensor that can be activated by another source of light such as your phone or a flashlight.  It can be turned off the same way.  At a cost of between $4 – $5 per ball with a life span of 30 total light up hours, Night Eagle’s option offers function and affordability to night golfers who wish to play at their own pace without having to resign themselves to losing a ball each round.

2. Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

Blast Motion Swing Analyzer

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The primary function is to improve your swing by capturing and analyzing data in real time.  The basis for these calculations is swing time but you can get extremely detailed if you wish.  The The Blast Motion Swing Analyzer can give insights on forward rotation, lie, power, swing speed, and even take video.  Additionally you can sync all of this data to an app that allows you to go back and analyze it later.

If you are using this on the driving range or practice greens, Golf Replay even offers a set of training drills that focus on consistency for factors like swing time, swing speed and more. It’s not just for drivers either.  The small device can be used with any club simply by attaching it to the end of the grip.  Be careful though, this bio-mechanical data does not lie, so you may have a tough time blaming the club next time you hit a right hook into a sand trap.

3. Pitchfix


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In an industry that is embracing technology throughout every facet of the game, sometimes simplicity stands out. That’s what Pitchfix is.  A simple solution to the speed up the healing time of divots that requires minimal work on the part of the golfer.  A superior divot tool that requires no twisting or digging and boasts a fast turn around time for restoring divots.  While some marks can take weeks to heal, those fixed with Pitchfix will be green again in just 24 hours.  That’s the functionality but don’t worry, they haven’t forgotten about form.  The look of this tool is completely customizable.  It comes in an array of colors with custom ball markers and can be printed with your company logo.


4. Golphin


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Golphin has set out to create a new generation of golfers by tackling some of the barriers to entry in getting children interested in the game.  The clubs are lighter than the industry standard by up to 30 percent because of the aerospace alloy construction that is unique to this brand.  This lets kids focus on the fundamentals of their swing without having to retrain their muscles to wield a heavy club.  Furthermore, Golphin has purposely enlarged the sweet spot on the club head by 35 percent to give kids a better golfing experience and encourage them to continue learning.  The company, founded in 2014, is based out of Scotland and has just brought its full line of products to the United States this year.

5. AllSquare Golf

AllSquare Golf

Want to brag to your buddies about your birdie on that par 5?  Skip Facebook and head over to the newest one-stop networking app for golf, AllSquare.  AllSquare let’s you connect with others playing the same course as you to share scores, photos, reviews, advice and more.  You can also search information on golf tournaments or events in your area as well as recommended hotels, weather, and even make tee times. Better still, this app is free and allows you to share and connect with a smaller completely golf-centric network.

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  • I noticed there wasn’t much out there for the psychological aspects of the game…until I got these psychological coaching headphones from Fx-sport. Wasn’t sure if they were going to be a gimmick… I can see now they are not.
    The device itself is good and the coaching/coaches are top notch. I have used them for putting practice and use the “psychological preparation warm up” all the time. There are hours of content on there and they send you more as well. Also golf specific workouts are preloaded, so it’s very comprehensive.