17 Times Children Took Instructions Way Too Literally

As shown in the below 19 photos, children sometimes tend to interpret instructions much differently than adults, coming up with imaginative ways to execute said instructions. Sometimes they’re just doing exactly what they’re told, literally, and sometimes I think they’re just doing it to mess with us. 🙂

1. “Keep Your Eye on The Ball”

2. “Only Eat Half of the Grapes and Leave Some for Your Sister”

3. Bring Your Fish to School Day

 4. Mom Said He Can’t go Outside

5. “Go Play Outside”

6. “Draw Hands on All the Clocks”

7. “Name the Shapes”

8. “Put a Jar of Water In Your Dog’s Bowl”

9. Write Letters to Santa Clause

10. “Hint It’s not Greenland”

11. Can You Draw a Magic Mushroom

12.  “Draw a Plant Cell and Identify Its Most Important Parts”

13. “What Ended in 1896?”

14. “Put The Words in Alphabetical Order”

15. “Draw a Picture of What You Will Look Like in 100 Years”

16.  “Put Your Shoes By the Front Door”

17.  “Spray From 15cm Away…”


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