The Best Sony PS4 Skins

The Best Sony PS4 Skins

PlayStation Four or simply PS4 is the latest gaming console from Sony. The PS4’s predecessors were the PS1, PS2 and PS3, which is widely accepted as the most popular gaming console before the release of the PS4.

One of the most sought after items for many new console owners continue to be PS4 skins, controller skins and the latest PS4 Games. To make the process of finding the right skin a bit easier on you we’ve listed the Top Ten Best PS4 Skins, according to their sales numbers, below. The more they sell the more they climb. These rankings are updated daily and all products ship to most international destinations.

Some of The Best Selling PS4 Skins

Community Favorite PS4 Skins

Battle Torn Stripes Vinyl Skin + 2 Decals

Battle Torn Stripes PS4-SkinIf you love ‘Murica, pinups and battle torn stripes you’ll love this set of PlayStation 4 skins & decals from 247Skins.  It looks even better in real life.

It’s Full Color, “Anti-Slip” Grip-Like Vinyl “Sticker” and will not scratch. Will fit PlayStation 4 Next-Gen Console & 2 Dualshock Controllers.

Ghost Ops Designer Vinyl Skin + 2 Decals

Ghost Ops Designer Vinyl SkinI’m not intentionally listing mostly accessories from 247Skins, but they happen to make most of the best sellers and the community favorites. This one is based on the very popular Ghost Ops and shows a bit of blood and some magnificent golden guns.

It’s Full Color, “Anti-Slip” Grip-Like Vinyl “Sticker” and will not scratch. Will fit PlayStation 4 Next-Gen Console & 2 Dualshock Controllers.

Reaper Black Designer Vinyl Skin + 2 Decals

Reaper Black Designer Vinyl SkinOkay so yea, if they make good skins they make good skins. One more from 247Skins, the Reaper Black Ps4 skin is another one of our community favorites and features a deadly looking wheat cutting grim reaper.

Like the previous two skins this one fits Sony PlayStation 4 Console & 2 Dualshock Controllers. Precision Cut, Easy Access for Buttons, Controls, & Connectors.

Please click here if you’re only looking for PS4 console “faceplates”.

PS4 Need to Know:


PlayStation 4 was announced on  February 20, 2013 and officially released in the fourth quarter of the same year. The PS4 sees a clear focus shift to interactivity with the inclusion of a share button on the controller and extensive plans for social gameplay. The console will costs $399 in the US with similar prices in other countries, except where companies are running PS4 Deals.  


The console comes with a sleek new design,  measuring just 305x53x275mm, and supports HDMI, optical S/PDIF, two USB3 and a AUX port. The APU is a single chip combined with a CPU and GPU. It will house 8 x86-64 cores, 8 GB of GDDR5 and a hard drive with 500GB storage capacity.

PS4 Camera

The PS4’s two 1280×800px cameras are similar to the XBOX Kinect in motion sensing capabilities and can be used for either video recording, motion sensor or split capabilities. It also has a  four-channel microphone array. The camera is available as an addon.

PS4 Controllers

The PlayStation 4 comes standard with DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controllers, which have plenty of PS4 skins available, with much of the same features of the previous controllers, now support a new capacitive touch pad. The controllers weigh in at just under 210g, comes with Light Bar, Vibration, Built-in Mono Speaker and USB Port, Headset Jack and Extension Port. It has a DC3.7 Voltage battery with a capacity of 1000mAh.

Here’s Our Top Ten PS4 Skins Video:

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    A few of the very best RPG games appearing in 2014 are on the PS4, in regards to graphics, composing as well as video game production values – or so it seems.

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