The 10 Best PlayStation 4 Gaming Headsets 2017

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  1. Nick Wiser says:

    WOW. This review is pretty off in my opinion. If you thoroughly research the internet you’ll see that the Sony Pulse Elite headset (pictured only in the banner) is most likely the best go to for PS4 gaming. It is equally as good, and in #1 place for PlayStation 4 gaming headsets, as Sony’s Gold PS4 headset in a way (both have their differences). Amazon, as well as numerous other headphone and electronic website’s reviews don’t match with this information. 2/10

    Two Words: Bass-Impact Technology. It literally vibrates your head, which I have YET to see from any headphone or mobile device yet. It was a brilliant idea, as most Pulse Elite owners agree, and I am surprised the Gold Standard’s do not have the Bass Impact Technology included. Also, SONY’s headsets provide the HEADSET COMPANION APP for the PS4, where you can sync all of your settings with your headset. There is a “Mode” for nearly every video game out there, making each game sound EXACTLY how it is meant to be played. There are also Modes for Music, Movies, Shooters, etc.. There are hundreds of different modes you can download and pair with your headset. A wonderful capability that other manufacturer’s headsets can’t live up to.

    I own both, and usually lean towards the Pulse Elite’s because of the BLUETOOTH capability, making the Pulse Elite’s INCREDIBLY mobile, proving me with the ease to walk around the house listening to music from my laptop OR from my iPhone, or any mobile device that supports Bluetooth, at that.
    (See Below)

    ***Something this article’s Compatibility Table completely left out! It has a USB as well, which is what it’s dongle is. The dongle has a 3.5mm headphone jack IN it as well, where the PS Gold headset doesn’t. ALSO this website does the exact same thing, uses the Pulse Elite’s picture and then lists off 5 completely different headsets. just BE AWARE WHEN BUYING ONLINE IF YOU ARE REALLY LOOKING FOR THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK*****

    Sony Pulse Elite’s are currently $98.99 ($20 more expensive than PS Gold Edition headset) on Amazon and ships through Amazon Prime. Here is a link to them:

    From Amazon:
    -Feel the sound with BassImpact technology
    -Enjoy hi-fidelity 7.1 virtual surround sound
    -Crystal clear voice chat
    -Perfect for use with mobile devices
    -Comfortable for hours of gameplay
    -Preset modes optimized for select gaming genres
    -Stay informed with on-screen headset status updates

  2. Marx says:

    I have used Razer and steel Series for gaming and they are too good. I don’t know why you put them on 9 and 10 number in ranking from 1 to 10. They deserve top 3. As they full fill gaming requirements totally. For me Steel Series is the best, as i can kill people by footsteps voice. And it give proper sense of sound.

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