A Homeowners Guide To The Best Radiant Barriers 2017

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  1. William F. Goetz says:

    Which is more effective in warm climate (Southern Florida): Icynene blown-in insulation between the rafters, or a radiant heat barrier? Is there any benefit to using both? If yes, how would you apply both? Icynene first in between the rafters and flush against the roof side of the attic, and then the radiant barrier draped between the rafters on the attic side, leaving some airspace between the Icynene and the radiant barrier? Intuitively, I’d say it’s better to put the radiant barrier first, against the underside of the roof, leaving some airspace between the roof and the barrier. Then apply the Icynene. But how could you then leave a space between the barrier and the Icynene? Given that the Icynene is open cell, can a radiant barrier be applied flush to the Icynene?

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