The 5 Best Patio Umbrellas 2017

Best Patio Umbrella

Patio umbrellas are a staple for any outdoor area. At home, they can be placed on a deck near a table so the great outdoors can be enjoyed while still having protection from the sun. Certain umbrellas can also be placed over pool areas for a shaded swimming area to prevent sunburn.

Outside the home, umbrellas have a multitude of uses. They can be taken to picnics to provide shade for the attendants or be taken to children’s sporting events to provide a comfortable spot for parents to watch the game and for kids who need to cool off after being on the field. They can even be set up around farmer’s market stalls or garage sales to provide a cool and comfortable area for people to shop. Whatever they are used for, patio umbrellas are a well-loved summer item. Compiled here are some of the best patio umbrellas with all the details so you can find just the right umbrella for your needs.

1. Sumbel 10ft Offset Umbrella

Sumbel 10ft Offset UmbrellaThe Sumbel 10 Foot Diameter Offset (or cantilevercantilever) Umbrella is a new style of umbrella that has recently become very popular. It does not feature the straight up and down pole as a traditional umbrella does. Instead, it has a curved stand from which the umbrella hangs, almost like a bell. This allows it to be used even where there is no table with a center hole or a separate base available. These are the most popular umbrellas to use over a pool or barbeque as the pole does not have to be close to the actual area where shade is needed.

This umbrella features 8 steel ribs with a powder coated, rust free aluminum pole. It comes with a cross base that is designed to have weights placed on it. You can place heavy items such as cinder blocks on it or you can purchase more sophisticated, specially designed weights. Without the weights, it is fairly easy for the wind to grab the umbrella and cause it to fall over. The canopy of the Sumbel umbrella is made of a polyester fabric that is UV and fade resistant as well as water resistant. It has been tested to be sun fast up to 1000 hours.

The canopy is also equipped with a wind vent to allow for heat to escape and to make it less likely that the wind will catch the umbrella. It has a crank open operation allowing for easy set up and comes in four great colors. This is one of the pricier umbrellas at around $95 but the convenience of its design may make up for the price.

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2. Balichun 9ft Umbrella

Balichun 9ft UmbrellaThis umbrella is the standard design of most patio umbrellas. It features a powder coated pole in your choice of steel or aluminum with a push button tilt and crank shaft operation for ease of use and set up. It has 8 ribs and comes in 6 different colors which make it one of the more varied models available. It also features a vented canopy and at around $75 is a fairly affordable model.

However, it has been noted that it occasionally has some quality control issues when being shipped out so be sure to check the package and assemble the umbrella as soon as you get it. Folks who do not check it may find parts missing and customer service seems to be difficult to get a hold of if you have problems. Additionally, it does not come with a base so one must be purchased separately if desired.

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3. Best Choice Offset Hanging 10ft Umbrella

Best Choice Offset Hanging 10ft UmbrellaThis model is very similar to the Sumbel model described above. It is perfect for areas where a traditional patio umbrella will not work such as pools or over the top of barbeques. As with the Sumbel, it comes with a cross base but will require weights to keep it in place. Without the weights, many people have found that the wind easily catches it and will make it fall over.

It features a crank for easy opening and the canopy is made of waterproof polyester. The pole is powder coated aluminum for a rust free finish. It runs at a lower price than the Sumbel at around $65 but it has been noted that customer service is lacking if issues are encountered with this model. The color selection is also lacking with only three options.

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4. Abba 9ft Umbrella

Abba 9ft UmbrellaThe Abba Patio umbrella is a traditional umbrella that features steel ribs, a 100% polyester canopy, and a rust free, powder coated aluminum shaft. The polyester canopy is water resistant and fade resistant. As with other models, it does not include a base but does have a wind vent and the canopy has been tested to be sun fast up to 1000 hours. It comes in four colors and features a push button tilt and crank opening system. This allows for easy set up and positional changes. It runs around $65 in price.

As with similar size umbrellas, the Abba 9ft umbrella is able to shade 42? to 54? round, square or rectangle tables with 4 to 6 chairs. The umbrella features a Push button Tilt and Crank System and can easily open and close with a crank lifting system and easy tilt.

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5. Tropishade 9ft Umbrella

Tropishade 9ft UmbrellaThis is another traditional style patio umbrella with one interesting feature: the ribs are fiberglass. This makes the umbrella lighter while still having the strength to withstand wind. As with other models, it features a push button tilt and crank opening system with a powder coated aluminum pole. The aluminum pole is also coated with a bronze color for a different finish from other patio umbrellas. The canopy has a wind vent and comes in four colors.

There is no base included with this model so one must be purchased separately if desired. It is definitely the kindest to budget at around $50 and has also been noted to have phenomenal customer service.

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Patio umbrellas are arguably one of the best things to have for the summer. Whether you need an offset umbrella for over the pool or a traditional umbrella for your patio table, there are plenty of options available for all you umbrella needs. Hopefully this list will help you decide on the best option for your needs and the best option for your budget.

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