29 More Awesome Things You Might Not Have Seen Yet

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  1. Wow, the northern lights look amazing!

  2. Hitlerdidnothingwrong says:

    #6 is caused by the camera lens. Good try though

    • 3rikburd3n says:

      Sorry, but you’re incorrect. If you wanted that effect, your camera would have to be facing the Sun. The rain droplets that refract the light are below the air craft. It only appears to be a half circle because we’re on the ground.

  3. Mystikan says:

    I found #7 (the queue of people climbing Mt Everest) to be profoundly depressing. With that many people doing it, what’s the bloody point? The only thing you’d see at the top would be a sea of arms waving smartphones in the air trying to take pictures. If there’s that many people there, why not just build an escalator up the side and a hotel with a revolving restaurant at the top?

    If anything proves that there are way too many people on this planet, pictures like this showcase it very clearly. We need to start sterilising everyone after 2 kids, since people seem not to have enough sense of responsibility to stop fucking breeding like rabbits until the planet is overrun.

    • vesey says:

      this picture emphasizes the importance of being first. The rest is all down hill (no pun intended)………

    • ProfitOverLife says:

      Ya I’ve heard that traffic jams are an increasing problem on the slope–not to mention all the litter. I suppose a bit of good news is that a lot of those people in the picture are support personnel, and the number actually reaching the summit is somewhat less, I think, plus, especially after the big accident, I think they attempt to schedule the various groups’ attempts from the highest base to the summit, so there aren’t so many in the death zone if there’s a change in weather or whatever? I’m not sure.

      I think it also shows the privilege, complacency, and even spoiledness of the 1% of the world–this is what
      they have to spend their money on, at millions of dollars per person per attempt.

    • Jai Guru says:

      Kinda like how everyone comments with their crappy opinions that don’t matter, hmm?

    • Let’s start with you and who ever you breed with…b

    • Mark Doldon says:

      The type of person who goes to Mt everest seldom has more that 2 children. They tend to be self Centre rich people, many of whom inherited money or became rich through celebrity or other superficial means. That kind of person seldom has time for children. It is the poor who breed like rabbits, and poor folks or even middle class don’t have the money to waste on an ‘adventure travel’ expedition like these.

  4. MisterLoto says:

    These pictures are very interesting; I had never seen octopus eggs and even the dust storm is impressive.

  5. Bakeca Incontri says:


  6. UF says:

    No 21 do not look like George Washington’s teeth which, as I recall, had a kind of spring on the side and holes in the plate through which mainly large animal teeth were put

  7. Arnold May II says:

    very cool

  8. ijstaartindeoven says:

    Mercury very colorful. Beautiful.

  9. AimToMisbehave says:

    Pretty sure the picture of Hitler’s office was a still shot from an episode of Doctor Who…

  10. Jack Kelly says:

    I spent my life flying and in my very first year flying helicopters in Vietnam I witnessed and flew through a circular rainbow like the one in photo number 6. I had never heard anyone else having witnessed this.

    • Karen says:

      I saw one in Austin, TX right after a tornado blew through my backyard. The sky very suddenly cleared, and suddenly there was this beautiful globe shimmering right in front of me, about 10 feet in diameter, lasted only a couple of seconds and then just vanished. I had never heard of a circular rainbow either or ever met anyone who had witnessed one either. This was in the middle of the afternoon and right at ground level. Looked like a giant soap bubble.

    • Mark Doldon says:

      They can only be observed from the air
      Not as common as the ground based arch rainbow, but many pilots and really frequent flyers see them when the conditions are right.

  11. JingIeBeIls says:

    How can I un-see the tongue?

  12. Byron Gates Jr says:

    Then let’s start with you and who ever you breed with…b

  13. Byron Gates Jr says:

    Yea right but you can’t breed with her…b

  14. BBakeca says:

    These pictures are amazing!

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