19 Just Really Really Cool Inventions

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  1. Dbakeca Italia says:

    indeed cool

  2. Some really cool stuff… Great read!!

  3. Seamus says:

    The lightsaber toasting knife is a screenshot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That’s not a real thing.

  4. Danke Store says:

    really great!

  5. 5ar says:

    Can’t Nutella finally make normal jar?

  6. Phillip Isaac says:

    Wow, what a technique. Really great stuff.

  7. Bakeca Roma says:

    This are really amazing inventions,simple and very useful.

  8. BBakeca says:

    Very useful stuffs!

  9. lolacynch says:

    A small rubber or silicone spatula also works to clean out the Nutella jar.

  10. josephcduda says:

    Would be helpful to include links to each item. Just sayin…

  11. Kelly Basden says:

    I really like the pasta pan. Good for a lot of other things one can cook.

  12. Tara Woodruff says:

    I Need All of These in my Life!!

  13. Dan says:

    Nice. Good work!

  14. All the concepts are amazing but at the most I like the bed table.. 🙂

  15. Arnold May II says:


  16. Diana says:

    Super intersting inventions! I’m a huge fan of the water proof keyboard, very handy.

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