19 Awesome Things You Might Not Have Seen Yet

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  1. Markm Mitchell says:

    Great pictures !

  2. Frank Delvis says:

    I printed out number 14 and ate it. Delicious!

  3. MacCupcake says:

    I’ve seen phone towers that are camouflaged like trees all over California. One was near my home (Gilroy) just off Highway 1.

  4. Dc Wijeratna says:

    No 12 reminded me of Sigiriya (Lion Rock) Sri Lanka, It was built some 1500 years ago. Wikipedia article on Sigiriya gives quite a bit of information and pictures.

  5. Alan Whale Jun says:

    Cool Pictures

  6. John Blakey says:

    Absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed this.

  7. Dave Williams says:

    # 18, the lady holding the horse is pretty easy on the eyes as well….

  8. Sofia Restrepo says:

    Actually, number 12 is called “La Piedra del Peñol” but whatever u.u

  9. BBakeca says:

    Beautiful collection!

  10. JingIeBeIls says:

    Hahahaha, that golf course :U

  11. Mike Howard says:

    #13 not very well camouflaged. The idea is to NOT stand out from your surroundings.

  12. sara marrero says:

    beauty, interesting and knowledge

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